Services - Quantity Surveying

Accurate cost modeling lies at the heart of any successful commercial property venture.

We draw on the highest caliber of skills, and the most accurate current job data, to ensure that projects are delivered within budget and which maximise the value of the investment.

Bowen Consultants Cost Management Services therefore focus on identifying and controlling potential risk; formulating and implementing contingency plans; and providing accurate and relevant cost control advice throughout the life of the project.

Key parts of this equation include financial planning, procurement and cost control, supported by services ranging from option appraisals through to traditional Quantity Surveying.

However, all projects share one characteristic: they are all different. Our approach if therefore entirely flexible and designed to respond to any and every need as it arises, at every key stage including:

  • Preparation of feasibility estimates and development appraisals
  • Selection of procurement route and contract type
  • Production of Bills of Quantities or Schedules of Work
  • Competitive tendering or negotiation of projects
  • Financial reporting and cost control
  • Interim valuations and agreement of accounts
  • Contractual advice and settlement of claims

Our many years of experience in all activities enable us to provide sound advice and deliver a quality service that meets the business needs of our clients.