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Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) came into force on 6 April 2015, replacing The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Building on our experience under the previous Regulations, we have developed a range of services to assist with the implementation of the new Regulations.

Principal Designer Consultant

The Principal Designer is responsible for many duties previously undertaken by a CDM Coordinator. The Principal Designer must have the necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience to carry out the role.

The package that we can develop will cover everything required to make sure that you comply with CDM Regulations 2015.

  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety in the pre-construction phase, identifying, eliminating and controlling foreseeable risks
  • Prepare the Pre Construction Information
  • Advise on the safety competency of duty holder appointments
  • Ensure that the HSE is notified as required (F10 Notification)
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor to help in the management, monitoring and coordination of the construction phase
  • Assist with preparing the Health and Safety File


Principal Contractor / Contractor Support

The Principal Contractor is responsible for planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating the construction phase of a project.  This includes producing a Construction Phase Plan for every project (Commercial or Domestic) regardless of the project duration.
For single contractor projects, the contractor must produce a Construction Phase Plan which provides details of how the project will be managed in terms of health and safety.

Bowen Consultants can assist you as Principal Contractor / Contractor in discharging your duties under CDM Regulation 2015.

  • Produce a Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
  • Provide Site Safety Administration Systems including site inductions, Site Rules, Fire Plan, Traffic Plans, Work Permits etc
  • Assess the competency of sub-contractors
  • Undertake Site Safety Inspections
  • Assist with preparing the Health and Safety File


CDM Advisor Service

As a Client, you must ensure that construction work is properly planned, resourced and managed to protect the health, safety and welfare of those carrying out work on, or who may be affected by the project.

As a client you can appoint a CDM Advisor to help you discharge your client duties.

  • Ensure Principal Contractor & Principal Designer have been formally appointed and ensure they comply with their duties throughout the project
  • Ensure that the HSE is notified as required (F10 Notification)
  • Advise on the suitability or otherwise of the Principal Contractor’s Construction Phase Plan
  • Ensure that there are suitable welfare facilities on site prior to and during construction
  • Ensure that health and safety arrangements are maintained and reviewed throughout the project.
  • Ensure that the Health and Safety File has been prepared