Services - Dispute Resolution

We live in an imperfect world. Disputes about contracts, about performance, about meanings of words, about anything, arise because we all come from different directions and have different motivations and targets. It should not surprise us that there are disputes. It is the management of them that is important, so that their impact on a particular contract, company or individual is reduced or removed.

Bowen Consultants have gained considerable experience in the role of Expert Witness and have seen disputes run their course to an award or judgement. Many disputes, however, have been settled at an early stage by the involvement of an independent, experienced Surveyor.

The adjudication process makes for prompt and early resolution of disputes. Bowen Consultants have been employed in assisting either parties to an adjudication in preparation or defence of their claims.

Early involvement in disputes or potential disputes ensures the issues are clearly defined and addressed.

Few benefit financially from the detailed forensic analysis of what went wrong, when and why. Bowen Consultants have experts who can offer independent advice to ensure that any difference of opinion or approach in a building contract is dealt with early … before it grows into an unmanageable multi-headed dispute, where there is never any winner.