About Us

Bowen Consultants Ltd founded in 1984 as a traditional quantity surveying practice.
Whilst the company has expanded it has always been careful to ensure that clients get a personal service with the practice principle being involved at all key stages in the development of a project, whether large or small.

We provide the core skills of Project Management, Employers Agent, Quantity Surveying, Dispute Resolution and CDM Co-ordinator services to both public and private sector Clients. From these core skills we are able to offer a range of services tailored to suit the particular needs of our diverse client base.

Bowen Consultants Ltd is a forward looking company and strives to deliver a high quality, pro active and flexible service for the benefit of our Clients, their Projects and the other Team members. As a medium sized practice all projects we are engaged with receive the oversight of a designated Director who will organise the team and oversee the service delivery to ensure that a personal service is provided to a high standard.

We are conversant with the very latest technology and innovations used in the construction industry to ensure we offer our clients an enhanced professional service. This includes the use of computer aided design packages, electronic Tender and contract document production.

The broad range of Projects undertaken by Bowen Consultants Ltd for our varied Client base brings breadth and depth of experience that is the equal of few others. The sectors we are actively working in include Housing, Health Care (hospitals, surgeries, dental practices), Education (schools, colleges and universities) , Leisure (hotels, sports clubs, restaurants ) Retail, and Industrial in which we deal with both new and existing buildings with values ranging from tens of thousands to multi million pound schemes.

We believe that teamwork is the key to establishing and maintaining long term relationships with clients and we achieve this through the provision of an integrated and flexible approach to ensure you receive the right services tailored to your needs.

Our success has been rooted in gauging the pulse of the industrial, commercial and domestic markets and anticipating and evolving with its needs. Today we offer a range of comprehensive services to meet every demand of both Public and Private sector clients.

Every project that we undertake as a practice is assigned to a professional and knowledgeable team. In this way the client has a single and responsible point of contact, with the whole team being in direct contact on a day to day basis.



quantity surveying

Accurate cost modelling lies at the heart of any successful commercial property venture. We draw on the highest calibre of skills, and the most accurate current job data, to ensure that projects are delivered within budget.


project Management

Our role as Project Manager is to provide a strategic leadership of a project from inception to post project evaluation and can be a stand alone service or in addition to our core Quantity Surveying service.


CDM Project Services

Bowen Consultants Ltd beleive that it is only good practice that CDM Project Services should work hand-in-hand with the design function, with the ability to manage the role so that the design team can deliver its most effective input.



Bowen Consultants Ltd have gained considerable experience in the role of Expert Witness and have seen disputes run their course to an award or judgement. Many disputes, however, have been settled at an early stage by the involvement of an independent, experienced Surveyor.